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Scottie & Char

I married these two indie rockers - Scottie & Charmaine to the tune of The Cure's Love Song on Saturday the 1st of October!

Photo by Matthew Stanton

Scottie and I are old mates - we even shared a room together in Brighton, UK back in 2004! We were house sitting for a newly married couple that went to France for a 3 month honeymoon and Scottie and I shared the master bedroom. They returned a few days earlier than planned, so Scottie and I moved out of their room and they said we could stay a few more nights on the couch. As you do in England, Scottie and I went out on the piss. We came back late at night, and I heard a scream from the master bedroom.... I stumbled in to see what was going on, only to find that Scottie had forgotten that the couple had returned and had crashed into bed with them!!!

Good times and great memories Scottie - Congratulations mate, Char's a keeper!!!

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