A beautiful elopement ceremony

I was honoured to marry Eland and Mei. The ceremony only involved only 5 of us. Myself, the bride and groom, and Mei's sister and husband (2 witnesses). They wanted the ceremony to be simple but to feel special, with a sense intention. So we sat in a circle, under a dream catcher that they had made themselves, and I started with a simple guided meditation to clear the minds and allow us to be together in the moment. This had the desired affect. There was an incredible feeling of meant to be for the joining of their souls, and we ended with a group hug! There was a real sense of elation, and for me it was a beautiful moment to be a part of. Another reminder of what an awesome job I have!

Happy New Year!!

2016 was my first full year as an Australian authorised celebrant and I'm am happy to say that I loved every single wedding ceremony. Whether it was a small elopement wedding with just the Bride and Groom and two witnesses, or a full blown extravagant wedding with everything bar the kitchen sink, each ceremony was special and unique to the individual couple. A wedding ceremony is not quantifiable or measurable and as such no two ceremonies should ever be compared. I look forward to another year full of smiles, tears of joy, and genuine words shared between two human beings that have made the brave choice to declare their love publicly. I feel very privileged to be able to be a part of the

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