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Reality TVs Married at First Sight - an insult to LGBTQ community?

A few months back I received a phone call from the TV producers of married at first sight. At first I was excited at the prospect so I agreed to Skype with them. For whatever reason, my dates didn't line up, my moustash is too big for TV, or they just plain didn't like me - I didn't get the job... Initially I was disappointed as from a selfish perspective I thought it would be great publicity... But now I think it was meant to be... As much fun as it is to watch reality TV trainwrecks I think that it is highly disrespectful to allow two people who have never met to marry, yet for LGBTQ couples who have been together for years it is still illegal in Australia for them to tie the knot... With shows like this how can our politicians say that they are trying to preserve the sanctity of marriage? ... What do you think?

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