I have many friends within the LGBTQI community. The fact that I had to discriminate against people I love because of my job has been the one thing that has made me feel ashamed since the day I was certified as an Australian Civil Celebrant. I did not believe in the Plebiscite - and not just because it was a waste of public funds, but because no other law changes are put to public vote, and I thought that it put a lot of young LGBTQI at risk of feeling outcast and marginalised. But THANK FUCK the YES VOTE prevailed! AND SOON the marriage act will be changed to include Same Sex couples! YESSSSSSSS!!!! So if you are a same sex couple looking to get married on the South Coast of NSW - get in to

A good wedding takes good planning and Jane and Shaun nailed it!

Man I love my job! This was one of those weddings that highlighted the main reason why I became a marriage celebrant in the first place. I knew I could give couples the feeling that their celebrant was someone they could imagine being friends with (and most importantly not be boring or awkward!). I had the best time helping Shaun & Jane get hitched at Driftwood Shed, Terara, NSW. Jane and Shaun found me 2 years out from their date..... with the email subject line 'Todd - Mayhew be our celebrant?' hah! Quality dad joke right there Shaun!!! I loved their vibe right off the bat and said HELL YES!!!!!!! I then explained that I was happy to hold the date for them but would prefer not to meet up

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