Your aisle song?! Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine.....

My wife and I have performed our version of the Beatles "I've just seen a face" during numerous wedding ceremonies. Not everyone knows this but long before I became a marriage celebrant I played a part in over 30 weddings in the role of musician. I have played guitar and sang with my wife (she plays cello and sings like a bird) while the bride walked down the aisle. We have also sung during the signing, as well as knocking out an uplifting song directly following the declaration of marriage.. i.e. I now declare you to be husband and wife! And boom the music kicks in! Live music add's a lot of feeling to a ceremony and I really think that it's music that ties the whole ceremony together. C

Brisbane Legends

On our way back from the Cairns weddings, my wife, puppy and I needed a place to stay in Brisbane, so we got in touch with our good friends Tina and Doruk. And sure enough they put us up for the night. Whilst hanging in their cozy home I asked if we could see some of their wedding photography... and I must say that my socks were blown off! I would highly recommend these guys for anyone getting married in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Byron Bay (actually, I hear they are happy to travel far and wide, so if you love their work give them a buzz). They are awesome people and seem to me to be a bit of a husband and wife dream team..... see for yourself here

Scottie & Char

I married these two indie rockers - Scottie & Charmaine to the tune of The Cure's Love Song on Saturday the 1st of October! Scottie and I are old mates - we even shared a room together in Brighton, UK back in 2004! We were house sitting for a newly married couple that went to France for a 3 month honeymoon and Scottie and I shared the master bedroom. They returned a few days earlier than planned, so Scottie and I moved out of their room and they said we could stay a few more nights on the couch. As you do in England, Scottie and I went out on the piss. We came back late at night, and I heard a scream from the master bedroom.... I stumbled in to see what was going on, only to find that Sco

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