YES to Marriage Equality

A friend just shared this on Social Media and I think it sums up the current debate on the Australian marriage equality plebiscite very well....... The High Court has denied the appeal against the postal survey regarding same sex marriage and it will now proceed as planned. Be very clear that you know what you are voting on. The postal survey is NOT about the Safe Schools Program. That anti bullying program will be taught in schools should the Federal or State Goverments endorse and fund it, regardless of the postal survey result. The postal survey is not about children. Gay couples can adopt, foster, use IVF or a surrogate to have children now. The postal survey result will not change th

Springtime is here! Congrats to the Browns!

Yew!!!!! Congrats to James and Laura Brown on a fun and emotive wedding ceremony to kick off Springtime on Saturday 2nd September! These two were sooooo stoked to get hitched and tastefully made it clear they support marriage equality within the ceremony. It was such a fun celebration :) Another crackin south coast NSW wedding thanks to: venue - Driftwood Shed, Wedding planners The Wedding and Event Creators gourmet caterers - Rabbit & Co Caterers and flowers Libs Little Studio .

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