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Temporary Freeze on new bookings until I have rescheduled fire affected couples xx

My fears have been confirmed that the South Coast's beloved Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat was heavily affected by the mega fire that roared up through the valley on Saturday evening. Such sad news - I have performed many many weddings there in their unique rock cathedral, and enjoyed partying among the trees and beautiful buildings as MC... and this is just one of the devastations to hit the region. What is happening here on the South Coast is completely unfathomable - and just so so sad. A ton of my weddings for this year were booked at this beloved venue and a lot of my couples will need to find new venues and reschedule to give the retreat a chance to rebuild - SO, for the time being I am putting a freeze on any new bookings until my current couples have notified me of their plans. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. . . Photo by Mitch Pohl Photography ( at Steph & Kyle’s incredible wedding at KVB Retreat on 20 Nov 2019.

South coast celebrant photo by

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