I'm officially a Dad - and it feels GREAT!

I recently discovered that there is nothing quite like the feeling of becoming a Dad. Meet our little boy Sunny Mayhew, born in Nowra, NSW on 8/8/17 on a warm sunny day with the full moon. It was incredible timing - my wife - Sivan, was AMAZING and laboured through the entire lunar eclipse! Our birth plan was no plan apart from to laugh, sing & dance and we did that and a whole lot more! (I highly recommend using acupressure as a natural form of pain relief). The whole process of pregnancy and birth is an experience I will always treasure. Awwww man - what a journey and its only the beginning!!

Fun laid back ceremony at Hyper Hyper

Yew!! Super fun wedding at Hyper Hyper Coffee - Nowra, South Coast NSW!! Brendon & Susan did it their way... simple, fun, as laid back as possible.... and accompanied by a good strong coffee!!! Big thanks to Pip and Bec for being such legends and surprising us all with flowers and champagne! And thanks to Simon Panucci and Joey Panucci for witnessing, snapping some pics, and bringing the love!

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