Rockin' All Things Groom!

History has told us that a wedding is all about the bride. But its 2019 and its time to re-shape history! Here is the perfect opportunity to get inspired about the grooms part in planning a wedding......! One double word - GROOMFEST!!! Let's do this! Attn all GROOMS! 🕺🏽I will be rockin @groomfest Sydney Thurs March 28 at @thestandardbowl in Darlinghurst. 🤘- I know you’re thinking wtf is GROOMFEST? Well its an exciting new take on the wedding fair - happening all across Oz - its short and sweet (7:30-9:30pm), to the point, informative yet entertaining (rockin tunes) by , and puts groom interests and inspo front and centre. I will be part of the panel sessions along

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