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Some FAQ's about Todd's celebrant services

Todd - South Coast Marriage Celebrant

How do we book you as our Celebrant, and or MC? Can you advise the next steps?

Step one: Check me out via my website, Instagram, or facebook, or any other stalking means available to you, to see if you like the look and sound of me and are accepting of my moustache and vintage suits :)

Step two: Check my availability calendar. I generally only do one wedding in a day.

Step three: Get in touch via the contact form on my website so that I have the basic info about when, where and who. Take a moment to tell me a bit about yourself, how you found me, anything…. “throw me a bone here”. My admin assistant Brooke, (or myself) will reply to confirm my availability and send you a detailed quote.

Step four: You like what you see, you accept the quote,

or we chat via phone or video so I can answer any more questions / we can get to know each other a little more, then you accept the quote.

Step five: The quote becomes an invoice and booking form. I take a 50% payment to lock in the date for you, and you sign a services contract. We we will then need to meet up 2-5 months out from your wedding day to complete the paperwork, check your ID and get your personalised ceremony plan rolling!

Do you provide a sound system / PA / microphone? And who presses play on the songs?

YES! I DO! I have a 200W portable speaker (A Chiayo Pro - a quality system that fully cranks!) with wireless microphone. I can control the playlists before, during, and for a few songs after your ceremony. This is all included in my fee.

We can’t come and meet you on the South Coast in person. Can you still be our celebrant?

Yes. Some of the best ceremonies I have officiated have been all planned by phone, email, and a video planning meeting (ZOOM). Just ask Amanda and Simon who were hitched recently at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat. They live in Roxby Downs, SA (whoop whoop). See Manda's review here. I can witness your legal paperwork (NOIM) via a video call, as long as you are in Australia. Too easy :)

P.S. I always arrive early enough on your wedding day so we can meet in the flesh before you are coming down the aisle!

When and where do we meet?

I find it best to have a planning meeting 2-5 months out from the wedding to sign paperwork (the Notice of Intended Marriage or NOIM) and get the ceremony all planned out. I generally do this all via a zoom call. But I can meet in a café or bar in Nowra, and surrounds, in NSW. I recommend coming to Jervis Bay or near by on the south coast for a day or weekend getaway. Have a hike/walk, swim, surf, sail or kayak, or jump on a dolphin or whale watching cruise!

Make time to time check out a couple of my fav beaches on earth. Greenfields Beach in Vincentia, and Murray’s Beach in the incredible Booderee National Park.

What ID do we need to get married in Australia?

All you need is an Australian, or overseas Passport, that shows your place and date of birth (Can be expired, but no more than 5 years out of date).

If you don’t have a passport, your drivers license/photo ID combined with birth certificate will do the trick.

If you have been married before you will need a divorce certificate, or death certificate, or certificate of annulment. If you have lost or ripped up/burnt your divorce certificate don’t fret you can apply for one here for $30.

Note: All ID can be submitted electronically via email etc.

How do I change my name after marriage?

Once married either party has the option to change their surname to their spouses surname. This is a relatively simple process. But may be a little time consuming.

You will need to apply for a marriage certificate after you are married. As the pretty one I give you on your wedding day, although it legally proves you are married, is no longer accepted for name change purposes.

I can help save you time and effort by submitting a marriage certificate application form on your behalf. Just let me know you want to do this at our meeting, or any time up to the wedding day. You can also submit this application form yourself at any time in the future via Births Deaths and Marriages in the state where you were married. Registry of BDM NSW fee for a marriage certificate application is $60 which includes admin and registered post within Australia. It is similar in other states. This fee is not included in my price. Link to NSW BDM Marriage Certificate Application form here

Once you have received your registry issued marriage certificate (looks like a birth certificate) the next step is to take this certificate to Service NSW or equivalent RMS or road/licence office in your state as proof of marriage so you can change your name on your licence. You then do the same with your bank, medicare, and passport office etc .

Can we combine our surnames or choose a new surname after marriage?

If you want to change your name to something that isn’t your partner’s name, or you both want to change your names together, it is a different process. There is no need to apply for the $60 marriage certificate. To do this you will need to complete a name change application via the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM) in your state. (Link to NSW BDM here)

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