Gav and Klytie's Driftwood Dream Wedding

When it came to booking their wedding Gavin and Klytie took the time to find people to work with that shared their love for life - and it paid off MASSIVELY! The vibe was incredible, and the entire wedding felt like it was an extension of their personalities. Check out these epic photos by Dean @cloudfacephotography ( that capture the spirit of the day beautifully. Venue was The Driftwood Shed, Terara, (Nowra) South Coast NSW - Soundtrack to the day and evening was by hands on vinyl DJ Delicious tucker by Rabbit & Co Caterers These pictures by @cloudfacephotography say it all! I was

Matt & Kelly's 30th birthday / surprise wedding

Kelly and Matt told all their friends and family they were having a double 30th Birthday. So apart from a few key players this was a surprise wedding, which I announced to guests 30 mins before the ceremony, and it worked beautifully. Set on the grass in front of Culburra Beach Surf Club, south coast, NSW. The ceremony was fun yet sentimental. These guys were possibly my most laid back couple to date. They chose for the ceremony to be spontaneous... meaning that there was no read through, they just gave me notes and they trusted me to put the ceremony together without reviewing it.... And It went swimmingly! Congrats Kelly and Matt!!!! Have fun surfing and sun bathing the cook Islands on y

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