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Don't let a bit of rain dampen your spirits

BLOODY RAIN! Alanis Morrissette amongst others have sung about it, and it's always painted in a negative light. But the truth is that nobody has any control over the weather, so we may as well have a Plan B, and then do our best to go with the flow. When storms do roll through lets not forget the amazing energy they can hold, and embrace it. It's really all we CAN do. Seeing as I only ever book one wedding in a day, I am happy to wait until a rain cloud passes, but the party can only wait so long, so sometimes there is no avoiding it...... and there is no choice but to crack on!

When I arrived in the deep forest up in the hills of Kangaroo Valley for Jess & Jake's wedding, the unexpected clouds had set in, there was a Marquee for plan B, but Jess and Jake didn’t let a bit of rain dampen their spirits! We waited for most of it to pass, and then got on with it, and we got a bit wet! But it was no big deal. The energy on a wedding day flows from the top down... so when Jess was not fussed about getting wet in her wedding dress, no-one else had any choice but to get amongst it and the smiles were a mile wide. The vibe was truly ecstatic.... and I received this msg from Jess afterwards “Thankyou so much for Saturday. Honestly everyone couldn't stop raving about you! A few people want to get remarried just so they can have you!”

Thanks to Jess & Jake for having me along for the ride!

P.S. It rained on my wedding day, so my wife and I had our ceremony under the cover of a courtyard. The photos were amazing and we loved that it meant that all our guests were packed into the shed for the reception.... a friend calls this the "cats in the bag" scenario.... lots of energy in a small space, always results in a crankin vibe... many good conversations pursued and the dance floor pumped all night!


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