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A good wedding takes good planning and Jane and Shaun nailed it!

Man I love my job! This was one of those weddings that highlighted the main reason why I became a marriage celebrant in the first place. I knew I could give couples the feeling that their celebrant was someone they could imagine being friends with (and most importantly not be boring or awkward!).

I had the best time helping Shaun & Jane get hitched at Driftwood Shed, Terara, NSW. Jane and Shaun found me 2 years out from their date..... with the email subject line 'Todd - Mayhew be our celebrant?' hah! Quality dad joke right there Shaun!!! I loved their vibe right off the bat and said HELL YES!!!!!!! I then explained that I was happy to hold the date for them but would prefer not to meet up and get amongst it more than 12 months out... so we can keep it fresh! They said cool and made my day when they visited my little stall at One Fine Day Wedding Fair. They had both their mums with them, and within a few minutes we were all hitting it off and laughing like we were old family friends. Jane and Shaun were an absolute pleasure to work with, and I noticed that they put a LOT of planning into their wedding day to ensure that everyone they booked was right for them. The type of vendor that would have their back, and had the right ethos to make their day feel right to them. And when their wedding day came it showed. The vibe was lush, yet understated, the ceremony was super special and emotional, and the vows were a next level! It's moments like these that remind me how much I love being a celebrant!

I am honoured to have been a part of this wedding and would like to say once again...

Congrats to Mr and Mrs Richardson!!!!!

The wedding day was coordinated by the amazing Monica at Hoorah Events and as always, Karen at Driftwood Shed was the hostess with the mostess.

The photographer had an awesome vibe and his photos speak for themselves! Check out the incredible pics from Ben Sowry Photography below !

Jane Shaun Wedding Terara, NSW Todd Mayhew Celebrant

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