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At times family can be a pain in the arse but....

hilarious awkward family photo

..... Christmas time is all about family and to me family is absolutely everything... After losing my mum to ovarian cancer in December 2015 at the age of 65 I felt more than ever the importance of family. The sad thing is, it was only 3 months after she passed away that my wife's dad was diagnosed with brain cancer at 63 and the emotional roller-coaster began again. Sadly in September my wife's dad died - only one month after my son Sunny was born (we named him Sunny because he is like a ray of sunshine through the clouds). The thing is... even though so much shit has happened to me and my family in the past couple of years, I'm not going to become a sad and morbid person. In fact the opposite. I'm living life to the maximum... Now, when I was in my 20s living life to the max was pretty wild and involved some epic parties and loose moments (I wont go into the shit I got up to - cos you may not want to employ me if you hear the stories...) But now I'm in my 30s living life to the maximum is spending precious time with my gorgeous and hilarious wife Sivan, our baby boy Sunny and our beautiful and ridiculous dog Pickles, and of course chilling with close friends. It's also getting into the surf and growing veggies in our little garden patch and cooking up a delicious home cooked meal to enjoy with a glass of quality wine or a favourite craft beer.

I guess this is why I love my job. Being a celebrant is all about bringing two people together who are choosing to be each others family. It's a bloody beautiful thing.

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