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How it all began

It all started when my good mates Matt and Lentil decided to get married... they looked far and wide for a celebrant that shared their vibe and values, but to no avail. When they came to me to ask if I'd be up for it, I said - 'Shit yeah!'... I felt so honoured. So honoured in fact that I undertook the steps required to become a commonwealth registered celebrant! Their wedding was a very special day for me.... not only did I get the joy of marrying two of my best mates, but my wife and I spent 3 days with some of Matt and Lentils nearest and dearest helping prepare and set up the most beautiful and organic wedding I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.... and then we got sentimental, ate, drank, partied, sang and danced till the sun came up!

These two are truly special human beings. They grow the most delicious veggies and gorgeous flowers and teach other people how to do the same! Check em out here

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