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YES to Marriage Equality

A friend just shared this on Social Media and I think it sums up the current debate on the Australian marriage equality plebiscite very well.......

yes to marriage equality

The High Court has denied the appeal against the postal survey regarding same sex marriage and it will now proceed as planned. Be very clear that you know what you are voting on. The postal survey is NOT about the Safe Schools Program. That anti bullying program will be taught in schools should the Federal or State Goverments endorse and fund it, regardless of the postal survey result. The postal survey is not about children. Gay couples can adopt, foster, use IVF or a surrogate to have children now. The postal survey result will not change that. The postal survey has no affect on religious freedoms. Churches have always been able to determine who they will marry and who they won't and will continue to do so. The postal survey does not challenge "traditional marriage" as there is no such thing. Marriage has constantly evolved over the years. The Bible allowed women to be forcibly married to their rapists or the man who enslaved them. It also endorsed polygamy and child brides. Women used to be traded for a better social standing in society or for money, tools and weapons. Until 1957, a man could marry a 12 year old girl in Australia or a woman could marry a 14 year old boy. A century ago, people of colour could not marry white people. Same sex marriage is just the latest evolution. The postal survey will not affect freedom of speech. Recent debate has gone far beyond "free speech" and has become "hate speech." That is and will always be illegal. The "No" campaign has used deliberate lies and unrelated issues to confuse people into thinking the postal survey has far reaching implications. It does not. You are voting to grant the same respect, dignity, legal recognition and next of kin status to same sex couples; the same thing opposite sex couples have now. Nothing more than that. If you believe gay people are your equal, you will vote "Yes." If you believe you are better than they are and that they should continue to be discriminated against simply because of the fact that their partner is the same gender as they are, you will vote "No."

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