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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! The new year has always meant new beginnings to Sivan and I as a couple and in 2018 this is more relevant than ever. I would like to take this moment to acknowledge what an incredible person my wife is and thank her for all she has given me and our new family. 2017 was a full on year for Sivan and she handled it like a legend! Through all the rough times she still made time to be there for me and her close friends! As soon as we got pregnant she started organising our life to make it as smooth a transition into parenthood as possible. Lucky for me her pregnancy hormones worked in our favour and she was a delight throughout (but it wasn't without its ups and downs). Then in August she made it through a difficult birth (32 hours ending in C section & our beautiful boy - Sunny) and in September she faced the death of her beloved father Zvi from brain cancer at age 64. He was the only person that got Siv more than I do. In 2018 my major goal is to find the right balance between family and work and to continue date day once a week with my wife (now with baby and dog in tow!) Thank you Sivan - you are an inspiration and my one true love.

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