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Why I charge a decent fee for what I do!

Just a quick blog to answer a question that comes up every now and again... Why do I charge a decent fee for a ceremony?

If you need more reassurance please read on! I don't like talking myself up BUT if you are reading this you think my fee is a bit steep and so I guess I should justify...

- I pride myself in doing a bloody good job... I mean a really bloody good job. I will make your ceremony better than you could ever imagine. It's hard because you will only know this once you have booked me... so you kind of have to trust me!

- I always show up early in one of my best suits - and my mo will always be awesome.

- I will have the crowd in the palm of my hand, but it won't be all about me. I will have them cheering, laughing, crying - whatever state you want them to be in they will be in.

- I never get flustered... I am a really experienced performer (I toured as a musician for 10 years and have been performing for 20 years) and so if something goes wrong like the wind blowing the arbour over or the mother of the bride falling over or some kind of technical hiccup - I will fix the problem in seconds, make light of it if need be and make the crowd even more comfortable than before. I will make you and your guests feel 100% at ease and kick start the best day of your life by getting everyone in the zone for a day to be remembered.

- I write awesome ceremonies packed with good vibes and tailor them completely for you. With every ceremony I start the job from scratch so that your ceremony completely fits YOU.

- I do everything that needs to be done in order to make it all legal. Sounds simple, but it's pretty important that your celebrant doesn't skip a beat.

- I don't skimp on sound quality. I have invested in an awesome portable sound system which I am proud to use - I can also plug in acoustic performers and give videographers an audio send. I'm not going to wheel in a crappy yamaha busking set up with a tacky madonna mic which feeds-back in the wind.

- I will not be nervous or awkward. I will not make it about me. I will not ruin your photos. I will not plug my Facebook page. I will not rock up late and flustered. I WILL GET YOUR NAMES RIGHT!

- And finally and most importantly - as much as I love my job as a wedding celebrant, I take the responsibility seriously and I commit to these ceremonies often many months and sometimes years in advance. They are usually on weekends. This means I miss special times with my own family and friends. I miss loved ones birthday parties. I miss out on surf trips with my best mates.... And I commit my time to YOU and to making YOUR day the best day of your life.

So - If this all sounds reasonable to you then get in touch and I'll give you a quote for your day! Yeeeeew! Good times await!

PS. Believe it or not there are celebrants out there that will charge a lot more than I do! I am actually pretty reasonably priced. (There are also ones out there that will charge a lot less... but remember you pay peanuts... you get monkeys!)

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